Hymac Returns Home After 55 Years

Hymac Returns Home After 55 Years

K J Services purchased the land once owned by Rhymney Engineering Hymac and built on their foundations to develop the company of today. To pay tribute to the company and its history K J Services have purchased one of a few and now classed as rare Hymac 480. After 55 years of hard work around the country she is returning home to Rhymney. The Hymac 480 will be fully reconditioned at our workshop, her original birth place, and once completed she will be placed upon a plinth as a memoir to the valleys history, a perfect time piece.

One of The first excavator’s to roll off the production line at Rhymney was the Hymac 480, tipping the scales at 8.3 ton. It boasted a ¼ cubic yard bucket capacity.

The Hymac 480 was Great Britains first all hydraulic crawler excavator manufactured here on the land now owned by K J Services.

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